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  • Credits : John Sheehan and John Cottle

Coding is one of the highest art forms achieved by mankind; an idea - just an electrical impulse - is made real in an alternate electronic universe; the created idea however, does not have physical form, and yet can change the physical world; it cannot be touched, and yet may touch all mankind.

Communications Summary

Please note that this page merely gives some headings under which communications are studied. This is not an active assignment page.

Communications: Conveying ideas, Information, Opinions, attitudes and feelings.

  1. Objectives/Aim
  2. Perception
  3. Context
  4. Medium
  5. Channel
  6. Noise, etc.
  7. Change one above, impact all
The Sender Transmits & the Receiver Perceives. Communication may be verbal but may also be non-verbal.

Verbal codes

Non-Verbal codes

Factors influencing encoding

Communication is Dynamic

Message has content and feeling. The Medium is the means used to transmit message.

Types of media


Assessment includes an oral presentation.


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